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See how solar power is lighting up the lives of Nepal Earthquake victims, and why you should consider solar power as your alternative energy source.

Why Should You Have Solar Power?

Procrastinating your disaster prep is a key ingredient for disaster. Learn how to avoid procrastination and get started with this blog post.

Good sanitation following a disaster can save your life. Are you ready with emergency sanitation?

How Good Sanitation Can Save Your Life

Emergency shelters can help keep you healthy, and even save your life. Learn why you need an emergency shelter (because knowing is half the battle). How have you prepared?

4 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Shelter

Michigan isn't considered an earthquake-prone state, but a recent quake there has shown us that we can be affected anytime, anywhere.

Tornadoes like to blow your home away. Don't let it take away your prep, too. How do you keep a tornado from blowing away your emergency food and gear?

Protect Your Prep From Tornadoes

Hurricane season starts June 1, but we're about to see an early party crasher...and she goes by the name of Ana.

Hurricanes: Early Arrivers Can Blow the Party

Unemployment doesn't have to hurt so much. Be prepared, and you'll be just fine during a crisis.

How Emergency Food Storage Can See You Through Unemployment

What does Star Wars teach us about drought? Tatooine and California may have a lot in common after all... #MayThe4thBeWithYou

What Does Star Wars Teaches Us About Drought?

Kathmandu has become a tent city. What can we learn about emergency shelters from Nepal's earthquake? #NepalQuake

A diesel spill left residents of Nibley, Utah without water for over 48 hours. We tend to think that it's just disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes that we need to prepare for, but the folks in Nibley have shown us how quickly you can end up without water - even during nice weather. Are you prepared with an emergency water storage?

Can animals predict earthquakes? Scientists believe so. But while they perfect the science of it, what are you doing to prepare yourself?

The Nepal Earthquake shows us how fleeting shelter can be following an earthquake. A couple weeks ago, we set up a ShakeOut Camp for our earthquake preparedness day. Walk through our camp with us and check out the various options for shelter and other essentials for the days following an emergency.

Happy Tax Day! While we're thinking of money, why not think about investing some of that tax rebate (after splurging on something nice, of an ice cream cone)? Investing in emergency food storage can really pay off. Just some food for though.

It's spring cleaning time, and this post will help you know how to clean up and update your emergency supplies. Food, water, and emergency supplies need to be kept up to date. Read on to learn how you can make sure you're prepared!

Winnie the Pooh's 100 Acre Wood home was the victim of flash flooding. Do you know the signs of flash flooding in your area?

Starting your preparations can be confusing. In this blog post, we help you know where to start in your preparations for preparation.

Facebook has a feature that helps us tell friend's we're OK during a disaster. But what other emergency communications should we have on hand? We give you some ideas in this blog post.

4 years after Japan's 9.0 earthquake (followed by a massive tsunami), they, along with the United Nations, are helping us prepare for our own disasters.

2 Things Japan Teaches Us About Disaster Preparation

Water with your meal is no longer a given at restaurants in California. This and other laws have passed in hopes to cut down on water usage as the state enters its 4th year of drought.

Water filters are very important for survival, but do you know which one is best for you? This article discusses the reasons we need water filters, and links to a reference page in which you can compare filters and choose the best one for you.

Squirrels are a great role model when it comes to storing food. Do you know why it's vitally important to have an emergency food storage? Here, we explain why, as well as supply you with plenty of ideas so you can get started on your very own.

A high school student is revolutionizing the way we use energy. Her prototype is not only self-sustained, but it purifies your water, too. #Preppers #BePrepared

A Winter's Tale indeed. Winter has been polar opposite this year across the country. How will the extreme conditions effect you? Be prepared for floods and prolonged drought.

Spring is nigh, which means so is tornado season. Learn the signs of an imminent tornado. Be prepared!