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Tutorials, Ideas & Plans

Tutorials and Ideas, plans and schemes, for when the worst comes.

5 Ways to Start a Fire with Water

Wasps killed in DIY trap, but not honeybees!

Have you ever read a blog post or an article by a serious prepper and found yourself at a loss to understand some of the terms used? Preppers have their own lingo, often condensed into military or government-style acronyms. Here’s your (more or less!) definitive guide to prepper jargon and terminology.

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What To DO If A Dog Attacks You?

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Bee Keeping for Beginners - A Practical Guide to Keeping Homesteading Honey Bees

Soooo cool!!! Not really practical from a survival standpoint, but fun anyway. #igloo #shelter #outdoorcamping

TSA Christmas Traveling Tips 2013

Forager's five: 5 Wild Edible Plants

6 trees every survivalist should know

The Best 6 Archery Tips for Beginners

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what to pack in children's emergency 72-hr. kits -- with specifics for each age

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