Decorative Water spouts - beautiful!

garden fountain idea= if only there was a Medusa head with the snakes pouring water.


From Small to Spacious

In case you doesn't live in suburbs but want a beautiful garden - don't worry. We've gathered lots of small urban garden design ideas for your inspiration.


public have 2 options either to use the bridge or cross the manmade river, which opens up for two different experience and interaction


Lantern and Stone Basin. Perfect for a Japanese garden. You don't have to have a big space to create the elements of a Japanese garden.

Bluestone stepping stone lead through the 7' natural waterfall and stream. Project by Deck and Patio Company Huntington Station New York. Read more-

Rotted retaining wall becomes and aquascape miracle. Project showcase- How we went from ugly walls to beautiful cascade!

, ponds water features, pool designs, Bluestone stepping stone lead through the 7 natural waterfall and stream Project by Deck and Patio Company Huntington Station New York Read

Japanese tea garden

An entry from Emilialua

(via The Gardener’s Eden - Inspiration: The Japanese Tea Garden… Water Bowls Reflect Quiet & Calm)

Calming water feature #waterfeatures

Boxleaf Design This could make a great garden water feature - depending on the sound of the water when falling into the trough.

Middle w

black mondo grass and gold Japanese forest grass- love how from the right angle the fountain is watering the "green" grass. This fountain in the ravine!

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