Love this kitten

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This kitty is ADORIBLE! I think the cutest part is the cute blue eyes! Tell me below what you think is the most cutest thing about this kitty!


"Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet, with needles in her jaws and feet." --Pam Brown I want her anyways!

Why are only internet cats this cute...

Why are only internet cats this cute...


I wish I had a kitten 😔, but my mom won't let me😭. All I want for Christmas is a little baby kitten (and a lot of other stuff too)

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I WANT ONE SOOOOO BAD! devon rex: a type of cat that is hypoallergenic(its nearly hairless, but the hair it does have is very soft and either wavy or curly) with adorable facial features, just look at those supersized ears and eyes! may be my next pet.

Kittens exploding all over your dash.

Once in a while, a cute kitten sneaks into my heart and onto this board:) Adorable. I want this kitty.

Omg this kitty is soooo cute

Here we see a baby wigglefloof cleaning its tiny squish beans. Pet language - the best!