Anna Razumovskaya - Love Story 2

Love Story by Anna Razumovskaya - Ballet / Ballerina / Балерина / Dance / Danza / Danse - I would love this pose in my engagement shoot.when the time comes :)


escape your worries-- at the worst point in my life the only thing that kept me from drowning was dance


Alicia Graf Mack (and partner). The most beautiful ballerina I've ever seen. And a Columbia University alumna! One of the truly talented Alvin Ailey dancers.

Dance problems

Dance problems - YES. Like in the summer time and I'm too lazy to stretch. By the time I go back a feel like an old lady.


Australian Dancers by Kimene Slattery-Ching. There's a B&W version of this picture it's better in color you can see more detail.

I love how you can see the WORK in this photograph.

Dancers aren't meant to look like Barbie Dolls; we're one big, beautiful muscle.


something pure in this crazy world" --Misty Copeland .a visually appealing and inspiring collage of photos and quotes (and her comments on diet) from the only African American with the American Ballet Theater Más


French Press Knits: Christmas stocking with name at the top. I love the way she switched up the original pattern to personalize it