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Chicken Coop Disinfectant Recipe - orange peels steeped in vinegar for a month, then put in a spray bottle. My all-natural store-bought poultry protector smells like that, no wonder. Making my own would be much less expensive. It is sprayed inside the coop when I clean it to discourage mites, fleas, bugs, etc.

Natural Coop Disinfectant | HenCam

Nesting Box Herbs - grow and dry herbs for use in nesting boxes in winter, or use fresh in summer. Herbs for health benefits include: mint, basil, lemon balm, thyme, parsley, catnip, oregano, bee balm, lavender, marigold and rose petals. Helps to repel rodents, flies and parasites & calms broody hens. Wild birds line their nests with fresh herbs, especially those that contain essential oils.

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Nesting Box Herbs - Chicken Aromatherapy