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Zootopia News Network: Comic: The Sloshed Fox (Original by TGWeaver) (SFW Edit by Carnivoracanidae)

tgweaver: “ The Sloshed Fox Starring Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps You guys voted for a melodramatic rollercoaster of drunken emotion and personal trespasses, and you got it ”

A Comic by @mongoose369 at Twitter Well, I hardly can handle that cuteness too, Nick ^^ Translation was done by a new ZNN Team Member - RToasts ( ) Wanna see more by mongoose369? Check out her Twitter Page:...

Zootopia News Network: Comic: Judy's New Dream (original by (Official English translation by ZNN team)

tumblr_o4n5dlwQDN1uvrmu6o1_1280.jpg (640×1920)

Wilde and Hopps — kisu-no-hi: milkshakederbygal: Has anyone.

Nick and Judy - part III - Zootopia by on @DeviantArt

FA Zootopia Judy and Nick! this scene comes from my imagine. I want to draw some drama scene!

I got: Nick Wilde! Which character of Zootopia are you? How I am NIck i don't know

PlayBuzz 'Which Zootopia Character Quiz'. The standard fare, but I got Nick