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Plane: Simple geometric forms make a powerful statement on the exterior of this apartment complex. The Nolitan Architects: Grzywinski + Pons Location: New York, NY, USA Design Team: Matthew Grzywinski, Amador Pons Project Year: 2011

IKEA skammel done goood

We love our stools like this. Thinking of letting the kids paint/personalize their own stool this summer.(ikea BEKVAM stool painting by Fliffa)


Lofts Inspiration [60 pics]

Loft style bedroom with desk and stairs built into headboard. Industrial loft design and renovation inspiration.


The Fremont Bike by Ziba :Collapsible “sidecar” and canvas bag. Built by the team of Portland design consultancy Ziba and Portland bike builder Signal Cycles.

Movie poster template

Movie poster template: "The Title"

How To Make A Movie Poster: A Template For Students. Possibility: Make posters for books that aren't being made into movies. Also make a movie trailer on iMovie for the same thing.


Trust your hunches. They're are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. Joyce Brothers **I've always heard, "go with your gut", but I often dismiss my hunches.

Co-sleeper - trust me, this is a good idea!

Funny pictures about Creative co-sleeper design. Oh, and cool pics about Creative co-sleeper design. Also, Creative co-sleeper design photos.

Bone Ninja flash drives.

Bone Ninja flash drives - need for my kids they got mad NiNja skills

Meanwhile in Scotland

I shouldn't have laughed so hard at this. Kilts are awesome. But only on Scottish men.