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Non-fiction reading and writing activity for the primary grades!This easy craft was made after we read the book: Tell Me, Tree by Gail Gibbons.Students records facts they've learned about trees onto the leaves and glue onto the trunk. It is a fun activity to check student learning.Click below to see it in action on my blog: Enjoy! from @smoran892 @tptpins


Looking for a fun way to celebrate earth day? These 10 beautiful books are a fantastic way to show our kids how to give thanks for our lovely planet!


Project - Making Clean Water: After learning about pollution and water conservation, you could have groups of students make clean water that has been "polluted" with dirt and other sediments.


Earth Day Cookies

Earth Day Cookies! Would be so cool for a table in the cafeteria to sell + proceeds going to a local park!


Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day learning activities and learning resources for kids, including exploring nature, learning in backyard, about wind, about seed, and more.