the blue fairy wren of Australia

blue fairy wren of Australia bird. It looks like the blue birds off of the game Angry Birds!


Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

Create an inspirational art piece with this rustic blue bird sign tutorial. With a little wood and paint, special Bible verses become art.

Made out of push pins

Dreaming of Joy installation by Ran Hwang: Made of thousands of red buttons each secured by a pin to a wooden panel, the artist's painstaking execution is akin to a monk practicing Zen. The piece was only complete when the bird was surrounded by a 'cage'.


Tibetan Silver Owl Rhinestone Cuff Bangle Bracelet - i probably need this ;

love this

Beautiful color use! I have always wanted to draw this concept of birds coming from a feather but I haven't yet :)

sweet tattoo

This style of bird combine with these colors. 3 birds on my chest, "don't worry about a thing." and also my 3 siblings.

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