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Farm & Garden

Ideas for our future farm and garden.

Farm & Garden

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If your patio plants are in heavy ceramic planters, use packing peanuts to cut the weight in half and aid with drainage.

Tips for Moving Heavy Potted Plants

10 Tips for the Black Thumb folk not sure if this is necessary, but i would not be surprised if it were

10 Tips for the Black Thumb - Kinfolk

This low-height, leafy plant is perfect for filling up an empty corner in your family room. “ZZ plants need low to medium light and require little attention,” says Vass. A pot, a window, and a little water here and there are all this guy needs.

8 Indoor Plants You <i>Can't</i> Kill

Tips for Growing Fiddle Leaf Figs

The simple way to keep your fiddle-leaf fig healthy and growing! Who knew it was so easy?

10 Tips For Keeping Your Fig Tree Fit as a Fiddle!

10 Tips For Keeping Your Fig Tree Fit as a Fiddle!

Long and Found: Planting a Fiddle Leaf Fig (or any plant, really). Potting an Indoor Plant/Tree.

Long and Found: Planting a Fiddle Leaf Fig (or any plant, really)

Want to keep a lot of herbs easily at the ready? Here's another window solution, from Itsy Bits and Pieces: Pot your herbs in clear drinking glasses, and hang from hooks across the window.

11 Smart Ideas For DIY Indoor Herb Gardens

Lemongrass is a fabulous addition to your recipes and surprisingly easy to grow! You can even propagate it from cuttings.

Lemongrass - How to Grow it and Use it |The Prairie Homestead

Potted boxwoods offer formal elegance with little maintenance. This large American variety creates a living wall in a line of concrete planters- I like this idea for a separating space

Evergreens and Annuals

The first two months are the hardest to keep your succulents alive! Here are 7 tips to keep them healthy and happy.

hello hydrangea: How to Repot Succulents

vegetable gardening

Companion Planting & Gardening Grids | Green Gardening Forum

Time to throw away those flimsy wire tomato cages and build some of these beautiful sturdy ones! Great basic design, could easily be modified for scrap wood.

{Ella Claire}: DIY Tomato Cage | Sturdy and Inexpensive

Fresh air - Healthiest Plants for Your Home. “Houseplants give off oxygen and help remove chemicals like formaldehyde, a common indoor vapor that can cause respiratory and neurological problems, as well as cancer” by Elizabeth Roehrig

Healthiest Plants for Your Home -

ohdeardrea: Simple Natural Living: The Best Air-Purifying Plan...

How to take care of indoor plants.

Tips for Keeping Indoor Plants Alive - A Beautiful Mess

If every plant that enters your home seems doomed, try these low-fuss options, including ZZ and dracaena. Click for more info.

Pick the Right Indoor Plant

Our favorite low-maintenance, low-light plants for the office or desk: ZZ plant and snake plant

Treat Yourself - Our Favorite Desk Plants

Bring Nature indoors even if you have a brown thumb

9-ways to bring nature indoors for brown thumbs

'String of Pearls' by goinghometoroost: Senecio rowleyanus, a favorite succulent is called string of pearls because of its attractive cascading strings of spherical leaves. It does well indoors and is low maintenance. #Succulent #String_of_Pearls #goinghometoroost

glimpses of our new home | going home to roost

The Fiddle Leaf Fig: big beautiful leaves; statuesque presence; & it's hard to kill: "If things go wrong," says Bennett, "I just cut mine way back and it comes back beautifully."

Expert Advice: 10 Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants: Remodelista

Houseplants for the Forgetful Gardener Love houseplants but often forget to water them? If so, here's a collection of great indoor plants that can take neglect.

Houseplants for the Forgetful Gardener

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How to Grow Sweet Potatoes | While Sweet Potatoes grow under ground like regular potatoes, that is all they have in common. Learn about how to grow these beauties in your garden, no matter where you live.

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes - The Homestead Garden