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I'm doing this!!!! Glow in the dark puff paint instead of carving.

Henna Pumpkins - Think Crafts by CreateForLess

She Turned Her Can'ts Into Cans And Her Dreams Into Plans Wall Canvas

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Homemade ice packs -1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water, gets really cold, but never hardens so you can manipulate it.

Homemade Ice Packs

photos from each state they visited glued onto a giant map and cut to fit the shape of the state.

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CPR For Dogs And Cats. "This Is What To Do If Your Pet Starts Choking Or Can’t Breathe"....note the different placement of hands for breed types!

CPR For Dogs And Cats. This Is What To Do If Your Pet Starts Choking Or Can’t Breathe.

Cooler Painting 101: A step-by-step guide to priming, painting and sealing your cooler.

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Cool way to present your Disney World pressed pennies.( could do with zoo animal)

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How to Make Disney Font Water Bottles. Perfect to take to Disney World and Disneyland.

33 Disney Crafts, Ideas, & Recipes

Classic pooh wall decal adventure quote by wildgreenrose on Etsy

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I mean i always thought I knew how...but this is handy

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Here are 25 fun and creative ways to say thank you!

25 Creative Ways to Say Thank You! - Crazy Little Projects

Learn how to DIY your own monogrammed chuck taylor converse shoes. A fun fashion DIY project for teens, refashion your shoes with a monogram

DIY Monogrammed Converse Chuck Taylors

Light It Up Blue - Autism Awareness Wreath on Etsy, $30.00

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Beach Decor Shell Letters Colorful Shell Letters por LiveCoastal, $30.00

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graduation banner - change the letters obviously but for all our seniors it's super cute!

banner | sorority sugar

How to make a prayer notebook! This posts has lots of links, printables, and resources to help create your own prayer notebook.

How to Make a Prayer Notebook - Intentional By Grace

Maybe you don't have a typewriter and a jar of paintbrushes lying around but it's not hard to find some string and clothespins to display photos, cards or postcards!

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Wrangle the daily chaos with these easy (and colorful!) DIY solutions.

10 Tricks for a More-Organized Office

34 DIY Dorm Room Decor Projects to Spice up Your Room ...

34 DIY Dorm Room Decor Projects to Spice up Your Room ...

DIY Spring Flower Tea Lights - First, cut the handles off of plastic spoons. Use Glue Dots Advanced Strength Dispenser to adhere the flower petals to the back of the spoons and to adhere the spoons around the base of the tea light. Make sure the spoons are evenly spaced and repeat until the base is covered with spoons. Fill any gaps with Advanced Strength Glue Dots and remaining petals.

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Keep your hair, bath or garden supplies organized with these distinctive hanging buckets, perfect for indoor or outdoor use or as a gift.

Beauty Hack: Beauty How-Tos:

temporary wall treatments for renters, and for the rest of us www.makinghomebas...

Temporary Wall Treatment Ideas to Spruce Up your Rental

Pushpins on foamboard. Trace your design first, buy twice as many pins as you think you'll need. If framing, cut foam board to frame first.

Push Pin Art {DIY Art Work} - Tip Junkie

Katie's Crochet Goodies and Crafts: Dying Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream #easter #tutorial #dyeing

Dying Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream - Katie's Crochet Goodies

Drink Tea According to Your Ailments.. good to know

Drink Tea According to Your Ailments | The Homestead Survival