im getting sick and tired of people posting these things saying, "Post if you think this girl is beautiful!" They bother me! So here is exactly what i think and please stop posting those things! They aren't right.

This guy

read the WHOLE thing I do not agree with what this person is saying I think she is beautiful inside and out<<I do. It's true she is not what society thinks of as beautiful, but she is a fighter. She is strong. She is beautiful for that.

I love this scene

The most underrated scene in the movie…

It's relatively easy to tell this man was a holocaust survivor. He's as much a hero as the others in my opinion. This scene was so very powerful.

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"The only thing worse than having a spider in your room. Is losing a spider in your room!" :: Lc- they're always easy to find though. Just look under your pillow.

Christ Hemsworth Tom Hiddleston

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Space Day

"I love how this is actually a thing, but it's called Earth Hour instead. That's practically the opposite." I still vote for Space Day

The Ghost Clock

The Ghost Clock

Funny pictures about The Awesome Ghost Clock. Oh, and cool pics about The Awesome Ghost Clock. Also, The Awesome Ghost Clock photos.

Calm down bro it's P.E. not the hunger games Funny T-Shirt from Glamfoxx

Calm down bro it's P. not the hunger games Funny T-Shirt from Glamfoxx << I wanna get this shirt for my kid to send him to gym class in, lmao.

"Who DOESN'T need a cat ice cube tray?!" Clearly everyone needs this.

Spice up their drinks in a fun and playful way with this Cat Ice Cube Tray. The Cat Ice Cube Tray makes nine cat shaped ice cubes and makes a perfect gift for any cat lover on your list.

Disney and Nick stars then and now... Moises Arias is horrifying.

Disney stars then and now

Disney and Nick stars then and now. Moises Arias and Amanda Byrnes are horrifying.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics

Funny pictures about Awesome tape dispenser. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome tape dispenser. Also, Awesome tape dispenser.