45 things to do with a 6 month old baby- best list i've seen!

45 things to do with a 6 month old baby- awesome list! Even if your kid is way past 6 months, there are great tips for all parents.

What do you DO with a baby all day? How can you make Tummy TIme more fun and less miserable? Here's how to fingerpaint with your infant. tummy time play sensory play babies

Tummy Time Finger Painting Sensory Play

Tummy Time Finger Painting for babies :: sensory play, infant activities, handmade gifts for grandparents, baby arts and crafts Painting activities with kids

Tummy Time Milestones and Tips

Tummy Time Milestones Every New Parent Should Know

A pediatric OT sheds light on all the baby milestones your little one is working on in Tummy Time - plus tons of links to Tummy Time play ideas, tips for babies who don't like Tummy Time and more. Great info for new parents!

diy Busy Board for kids

diy Busy Board for kids

DIY busy board full of switches, latches, and doo-dads for babies and toddlers to manipulate. This is great for fine motor skills. It is also a hazard for giving escapee toddlers the skills they need to get out unsupervised.