Muscles are built in the gym, but abs are built in the kitchen - use this guide to help you get into a healthy-eating routine.

This is an excellent example of how to eat healthy, balanced meals every few hours to keep your metabolism revved up and get the nutrition your body needs Could this work for hypoglycemia?

saw this and laughed

Antiques Grandma Had It Mom Threw It Out I Bought It Back wood sign-sign for antique shop, hand crafted in usa, funny wood sign


Welcome to Texas Roadside Sign - Summer Road Trip - Travel Inspired Route 66 Art - State Sign Art - Texas Flag - Fine Art Photography

I love waffles AND agriculture. This is PERFECT. I WANT ONE!!!

The VillaWare UNO Farmyard Waffler cooks four farmyard-themed waffles at a time.

Windmill and tanks

Windmill and Water Tanks, swimming in the tanks in the summer, the country swimming pool

vintage texas map. Would like to get this to put in our bedroom with all our other Texas stuff!

Janelle Steinberg turned us on to this great vintage Texas map.

That's a fact!

PANDA BATMAN: Better at snuggling Less good at fighting crime. Hums his own theme song.

I love my show mom! :)

Man that steer has some leg hair! Can't wait to be a show mom :))