Little Wild Brown Leopard Appaloosa Foal is Seemingly Giving His Mom a Hug.

This little bay leopard appaloosa foal makes a nice contrast with its solid bay mother. As appaloosa foals grow up, their spotting often becomes less abundant.

Can I have the horse and the saddle?

Gorgeous Appaloosa with Lightning Strikes (white spots or streaks on the legs - which are typical of that breed) Western saddle and tack. Mostly dark black horse with the white spots and markings.

31 VERY Funny Pictures

31 VERY Funny Pictures

I am who I truly am, when I am in the saddle.

I am who I truly am, when I am in the saddle. If I'm not in the saddle then you are only seeing a portion of who I am.

My life

Able to control a 2000 lbs animal, unable to talk to boys. MY LIFE Photography compliments of Photos By Christy Please respect the post and don't alter.

All the time :'D

When horses are better looking than you…

Beautiful black horse of the Fresian horse breed, historically used for royal families