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Bubble soccer looks like the greatest thing ever… Hahaha!

This is the best picture of these two ever. Oh my word XD

We met twice, five minutes in total. i pulled a gun, he tried to blow me up. i felt we had a special something. #Sherlock Holmes

Sounds like that could be a problem......

They said this in Buckingham palace XD. I still cannot believe this is an actual line from the show.

Sherlock #dying :D

  • Kirsten Judkins

    *sobbing with joy* THAT IS MY FAVORITE SHOWWWWWW!!!!!

  • Emily Calder

    I'm just now catching up on Netflix, and I ADORE it! :D

  • Kirsten Judkins

    Have you seen it before or is this your first time watching?

  • Emily Calder

    First time. I'm in the middle of season two.

  • Kirsten Judkins

    oh goodness... you haven't gotten to the reichenbach fall or season three.... i shall pray for your soul.... you shall be sobbing soon.... hahaha BUT YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHEN YOU FINISH SEASON 2 AND 3! My heart is so happy that you are watching it! :D :D :D

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I can't stop laughing

Cracks me up every time I see the commercial. Haha!

And then God said: Let there be the Hemsworth brothers, and the world rejoiced.

I work for a dentist, so I find this humorous.


I just...I can't...

Loki vs. five-year-old girl.

Hahahha. I'm dying!

HAHAHAHAHA I really did laugh out loud when I read this. I love puns.

I tried to scroll past this... I failed.

Haha I'm totally doing this =)