LOL. I am dying.

Simba Cat…

Funny pictures about Pride Rock Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Pride Rock Cat. Also, Pride Rock Cat photos.

Little chunk fur ball stretches up for a nibble.

Fuzzberry the bunny at Bandaids for Bunnies, a rabbit shelter in Richmond, British Columbia. They have a bunny named FUZZBERRY!

So adorable

so sweet

Welcome Home, Dad! This one brought a tear to my eye. Man's best friend indeed.

cat nap.

Adult cats tend to sleep 15 to 17 hours and in intervals during a 24 hour period. Some cats, particularly elderly cats and kittens, can sleep 20 hours a day. All cat lovers joke about this, and wonder – why do they sleep so much? Is it that our modern h

Saint bernard puppy

Saint bernard puppy I had one of these as a child. Short haired dry mouthed Saint Bernards still shed a lot and drool a lot.

Offended Puppy

Offended Puppy


My neighbor found a stray cat the other day and was worried about it getting along with her dog. I would say they are doing just fine.

These cats not only get along with their dog friends, they actually ride them like horses. This proves that cats and dogs really do love bonding.