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Hmmmm.. Guess they don't always like it! Lol

Pinterest inspires me to get a new tattoo.

I'm not saying you're stupid, just that you've got bad luck when it comes to thinking.

Misophonia - My BIGGEST pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open, smack their lips, and chew loudly... Literally drives me crazy!

I could relax a whole lot more if I knew the weekend wasn't followed by another work week.

Funny Confession Ecard: Oh please. I am not a gossip or a judgemental person. I simply 'assess' people and share my findings with others.

I was terrified of turning 30 until I turned 30. Now I'm terrified of 20-year-olds. #Someecards #DirtyThirty

haha nice. I'm probably going to use this phrase at some point in my life.

The weekend is over. Please drag your ass & caffeinated beverage back to your place of employment.

Some cool Sherlock e-cards. - Imgur's funny how you think I care about what you think of me!

Everyone's all like, 'This wine pairs well with goat cheese and seafood.' And I'm over here like, 'which one pairs well with pizza rolls?'