Try lactation cookies. Are you dairy free? Well then, this is a dairy free oatmeal chocolate chip version.

Easy Recipe for Healthy No Bake Cookies!

A dairy & gluten free no bake cookie recipe. I love these Healthy No Bake Cookies. With a dairy allergy I'm forced to find alternatives to classic desserts.

Flourless Blueberry Muffin Recipe!

Try this easy and delicious flourless blueberry muffin recipe! I used this recipe tonight and it was a win in my house. Try it and you'll fall in LOVE!

Berry Almond Dessert Snack

Are you looking for a healthy way to fight the sweet cravings? Try this delicious mixture of berries and almonds. A great alternative to processed food.

The Best Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding!

Are you looking for a Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding? This is a quick and easy recipe for a guilt free dessert.

Dairy Free Cheesecake Recipe!

Looking for a vegan alternative to cheesecake? Try this Dairy Free Cheesecake Recipe. I'm always searching for great dairy free recipes and this is a winner

I love cooking red quinoa porridge for Breakfast!

Are you looking for an alternative to oatmeal for breakfast? Try cooking red quinoa porridge instead. Delicious, High in protein, Gluten Free, and Low Gly.

Try this amazing Dairy-Free Dessert Toast! It is delicious!!

Try this amazing Dairy-Free Dessert Toast!

Best Vegan Chocolate Homemade Energy Bars!

In the mood for a chocolate energy bar, but have a milk allergy? Try this easy homemade vegan chocolate energy bar.