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    A 1,000 square feet, energy efficient home in Poland, Maine. Designed by David Matero Architecture.

    Couple’s Cottage

    House Zochental par Liebel Architekten

    House Zochental par Liebel Architekten BDA - Journal du Design

    Staircase ?

    justthedesign: Staircase ? - Street Style

    chapel of st. basil ,university of st. thomas [houston, texas].

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    Kiev Soviet Architecture photography by ked-pled

    Kiev Soviet Geometry | English Russia

    Uncommon Buildings you'd Love - Fingerprint Building, Thailand

    Uncommon Buildings you'd Love

    vert - We Are Art Curators, Art Advisers, Art Consultants, Taste-Makers & Amazing Publishers. www.BusaccaGaller...

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    Kevin Saint Grey : Photography (Architecture) « Azurebumble

    Kevin Saint Grey : Photography (Architecture)

    Architectural Escalators

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    Majestics by Kim Høltermand - Probably my most loved architectural photographer, he creates this eerie feel in his photos

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    It's actually a staircase in the inner city of Prague, taken from below and looking up by photographer Dennis Fischer. <--- love it! luminous, feminine, sensual

    Pic of the Day: Light Bulb Staircase

    'Abstract with curves' photographed by [kantor]. via curves gallery on flickr

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    HIC*: Kuehn Malvezzi | Casa de la Oración y Enseñanza Petriplatz, Berlín. Primer Premio

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    Goldborough Studio Visual Inspiration

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    Love this picture of a staircase in an abandoned building. Amazing light! Looks like the stairway to Heaven...

    ...Wroclaw4... by canismaioris on deviantART

    MARIO BOTTA, WOHNSIEDLUNG IN NOVAZZANO: swiss architect who's also responsible for the sfmoma.

    mario botta architetto

    Undulating-Geometric Facade | Santiago Calatrava

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    Irgendwo Anders photographed by Radek Brunecky. Obsessed by shape and form, it’s amazing when you see manmade spaces that give you a similar feeling to looking at a mountain

    Radek Brunecky |

    Nauset Lighthouse on Cape Cod; Abstract architectural photography by David De Backer on 500px

    Nauset Lighthouse

    Vénézuela 1957 (Magmum photos) par Herbert List (1903-1975) photographe allemand. Son site :

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    Cooling tower of an abandoned power plant | The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

    The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

    Impressive Examples of Architecture Photography

    30 Impressive Examples of Architecture Photography

    Rent a treehouse at Treehouse Point in Washington!

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    Abraham van Strij Reading old woman at window

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    Ruby Princess Princess

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