Rustoleum's NeverWet (invisible until it rains!) cool!!

Rustoleum's NeverWet (invisible until it rains! I would want to do something like "Singin' in the rain" "Make your own sunshine.", "Dance in the rain.", "No rain.", or "Enjoy the music of the rain.

Seafoam and Diamonds. So pretty :)

So I'm not a wedding stuff pinner usually, but I definitely told my roomie the other night that I would be okay with an opal engagement ring! :D Vintage antique Opal european diamond ring.

"Coordinates to the best place on earth <3(Derry, Ireland)"

Tattoo of coordinates that represent a meaningful place. like the place haley first called me her bestfriend with the date of that day. after that we were inseparable


You've had 85 years to work at this Reese's. Figure it out. Just sayin. Reese's getting stuck at the bottom of the wrapper.

Frozen knock-knock joke

"Yoo-hoo big summer blow out!" Best use of Frozen in a knock-knock joke ever!

role model status.

'I can name a lot things that taste better than skinny feels' - Jennifer Lawrence this is why I love her