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Emily Rachelle

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Emily Rachelle
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This right here is what I love about the Supernatural fandom--there are some fantastic imaginations out there!

I'm reading the book that pic is from rn! It's called Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett and all spn fans should read it's because a) it's about Crowley and an angel during the apocalypse and b) it's flipping hilarious

He should make another Hamilton musical, but it’s just about the silly things he’s done like that, that didn’t fit into the other one.

And if it's a mist coming through your air vents, it's from your cooling system. Don't panic or pull over, just buy a kit to recharge the system at your earliest convenience.<<< Smoking car tips

I hate this myth. While this tea was around it was currency in one of the east Asia countries. While it might have showed up here, most people drank loose leaf tea that had been sealed in cannisters.<<<<< I like the other story better