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"The Unknown Rules of English" (#INFOGRAPHIC)

The "Unknown" Rules of English Pronunciation OR the phonics rules reworded so they aren't so juvenile to older students

FREE fluency posters! Expression, rate, phrasing, punctuation, accuracy, intonation, & stress posters.

It has seven tips focusing on fluency while reading. Having this poster up in the classroom will help students visually seeing it to help them on their reading.

Love Idioms | Learn English Online with Dimi

Do you have a crush on idioms? This visual is great for explaining idioms to ELL students or students who are having trouble understanding the double meanings of the idioms. This is important for reading as idioms are used quite often in writing

People Idioms

5 Page People Idioms Poster, Pictionary, Exercises worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers

Animal Idioms - #learnenglish  | Learn English. http://www.learningenglish.uk.com

Poster 8 Simple Animal Idioms That Will Make You a Better Communicator With funny pictures with animals you can learn idioms it describes well