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Mast Cell Watercolor Print White Blood Cell by LyonRoad on Etsy

This is a print of a watercolor that I made of mast cells. Mast cells are histamine-releasing white blood cells that are integral to the allergy response, and p

escapekit: “ Various Identities UK-based creative agency Two Times Elliott has shared a collection of visual identities done for their clients over the years.

C Layers

C logo monogram for a Premium Webhosting Service. Tried to embrace the 'many layers' this company offers to their users. What are your overall thoughts on this logo and have you seen anything bee.

Interapothek Toothpaste #packaging squiggles PD

Interapothek Toothpaste Packaging - It’s generally avoided for economical purposes in everyday life, but the making of a serpentine swirl of paste or creme is certainly a recogn.

The client asked designers to "let your inner child shine". Looking for a unique and colorful logo to appeal to both children and parents, they sought a modern design that would stand out from the rest. My design incorporated colorful shapes that imply a standard "tooth" logo in a new and fun way.

Design by gerizak for a pediatric dentistry clinic. Colorful particles form a tooth in negative space. Click the link for 38 dental logos that will make you smile.

Microscopic plant cells

Memory can be aided through beauty because it stimulates and encourages memory. 'Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells' emphasises Patterns, texture, colour and can even evoke pattern inspiration.

Imagen del libro "Genito-Urinary Diseases". Traducido por Charles W. Bonney y el Dr. Leopold Casper en 1912.

Blood vessels and surrounding structures of the kidney Non-pathological veins and arterial vessels. The yellow structure coming off the kidney is the ureter. The renal artery delivers blood to the kidneys, where it’s filtered and has the.

Rustic slow life. Farmhouse decor. Wabi-sabi. #wabisabi #rustic #farmhouse #hallwayideasrustic

Rustic slow life. Farmhouse decor. Wabi-sabi. #wabisabi #rustic #farmhouse #hallwayideasrustic