"Another night of being young and dripping in depression, full of weed and nail polish remover, I've grown to like the swift cure. Anything to appease the demons inside us, oh sweet god, don't it feel good? " -High. School.

Wasn't going to pin this but I saw a completely unrelated one next to it and now I'm having writer feelings >> I felt the same before even reading that haha!

The older generation always fears for the youngest. They think our world goes by too fast, when in reality, they're just realizing that our imprint on this world is much more insignificant than everyone likes to think.

Ray sat on the steps looking at his sharp blade he got up he looked all beaten up he frowned he couldent stop thinking about why jaxy would send his kids out to hurt him he walked down the steps his ears flatten and he got on his bike

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Of all the crimes I could be accused of, to be considered boring would be the worst.