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Fanart (artist unknown)~ I would like to clarify that I DO NOT ship these two at all (I actually anti-ship them), but this was too good not to re-pin! Unfortunately, this might mean that I'll have "Reylo" pins popping up in my stuff for weeks... but it's still too good!

Disney Star Wars mashup Reylo fanart from Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

10 Stylish Secret Identities And The Heroes They Become

10 Stylish Secret Identities And The Heroes They Become

She's a bright energetic free spirit. He's a dark, brooding loner. I can just think of so many ideas with this concept. Even if it has been done before.

Night And Day. I love the idea of not making night look sad. Like, night isn't a sad time. He should be dark yeah, but a representation of all things pm. Same with life and death. Neither is bad in and of themselves, they just are.

pokemon meets disney. OH MY GOODNESS! BEST THING IN THE WORLD!! MY TWO PASSIONS! Oh This makes me so happy :-))

Disney Characters Illustrated As Pokémon Trainers! Even though I am not into Pokemon (not even Pokemon Go) I still find this animation cute and funny.