When Is It Going To Be The Other Way Round?

Frozen Gender Bender O.o This is so cool

Rule 63 Frozen - Gender bent Anna, Elsa, Han and Kristoff (as well as Olaf and Sven). And is it wrong that I find gender bent Anna (Andy) so attractive?

I would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An amazing good fan art story. I thought the rabbit was supposed to be Luna's patronus at first. If you don't ship Jelsa already, this will make you ship it.

My exact reaction! Haha

Warner Bros vs Disney

Warner Brothers vs Disney: Does it matter? They both have Orlando Bloom! <--- no sir, they both have amazing movies. Lotr and Star Wars!

Oh my fandom.

Oh my fandom.<< so no roof, phone booths, statues, no eye patches and no salt shakers. Haha gotcha I have my own salt.

They did this. It happened.

Frozen~sisters~Elsa's first time drinking tea in front of a person for years with a Hobbit crossover ;

Martin's kids watching The Hobbit

Martin Freeman on his kids after watching The Hobbit.that is the cutest thing i have ever read