oh my heck... I literally just died... wow. that man <3 <3 <3

Harry Styles aka one of the most beautiful guys on this entire world. The other 4 are Liam,Niall,Louis,Zayn.

<3 <3

Dunican Dunican Horan aka Best Directioner Ever! There isn't a bigger directioner than you!

BAHAHA I soo noticed that! He like grabbed it and through it over his shoulder!! BAHAHA yet i was still overwhelmed.

the way that you flip your hair does not overwhelm me at all


sobbing is an understatement One Direction Funny Ziall One Thing Best Song Ever Niall Horan Zayn Malik《 no zayn 2016 sorry I had to but it's true

no i dont wanna talk about this

I really do want to talk about this but then I might die. so no I don't wanna talk about it


I like the dance!(: did anyone else notice the old dances, like stop the traffic, let 'me through and the row?

get on that management!

this would be so much more accurate than him all serious in a suit :)

So true!!

I love both parts :) and call me creepy, but Harry's chest looks so hot. Like his low cut shirt.

Do you really?

"I walk alone in the rain" do you Harry.do you If by "walk" you mean "drive a ferrari" then I suppose you do.


this is one of my fave pics of hazza. i love the way he is like "oopsie i did it wrong i hope nobody noticed" and he looks so cute and awwww this is proper cupcake harry xxx