Dr Oz: Slimdown Drink - Combine 1 C grapefruit juice, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, and 1 tsp honey. Drink this combination before every meal. Apple cider vinegar helps you burn and break down fat. This drink combination also burns away your fat, literally.

need to remember this one

Keep going. Even if you don't SEE the progress, you're MAKING progress! I need to remember this bc this is how I am feeling

motivation right there

when you're struggling, imagine your dream body when you feel like cheating motivation fitness inspiration ;

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Reasons to be Fit Because I want to get to the point where working out isn't just for fitness, it's my way of life.


No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

The night before my dad died, I thought about giving him a hug, but decided I could always give him one tomorrow.tomorrow never came.we should never put off until tomorrow what we could get done today.you never know when there won't be a tomorrow.


Reason To Be Fit: for the smile I will have once I reach my goal.


This is why I want to be fit and in shape. so I can wear hats when I work out?

Reason to be fit

Reason to be fit Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise lifting weights weightlifting


reasons to be fit: because compared to everything I've been through, eating right and exercising is easy. So true

Exercise clothes

Reason 'cause I'd choose exercise clothes over every day clothes any day. submitted by fit-like-a-boss

Who doesn't love adding to their awesome list?

Ok, this may be my all time fav motivational quote. Cuz I'm pretty awesome as it is! But being awesome-er?

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