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Fencing and Swordplay are a big aspect of repertory theatre. Sadly, women seldom had the opportunity to learn the skills. It fascinates me to watch the orchestration and practice necessary to stage a convincing duel, swordplay, fight etc.


I wonder if this was a photo op or happened in a bout


I'm pretty sure this is a prime one, which is affective when ur opponent is doing a certain move at you, u can block them with the prime one, believe me, lol

Fencing is music

At club we tend to listen to video game soundtracks. Makes the whole "fighting with swords" thing feel much more epic. Almost like we're in a movie.

To celebrate the 2008 Olympics, Lane Crawford, the Chinese luxury retailer, commissioned 12 fashion designers to each design a uniform for their favorite sport.... sale of the uniforms benefited Unicef's relief efforts for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

If It's Hip, It's Here: 12 Designers Create Olympic Fashion To Benefit Quake Victims: Synergy In Fashion

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