Gilderoy Lockhart is the only DADA teacher to have no connection at all to Voldemort. Because even Voldemort has a certain demand for skill and competence.


This is so accurate...

Funny pictures about Harry Potter Meets Spongebob. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter Meets Spongebob. Also, Harry Potter Meets Spongebob photos.


Voldemort’s sister…

Funny pictures about Voldemort's sister. Oh, and cool pics about Voldemort's sister. Also, Voldemort's sister.

Duct taped once again

Oh the references! Magneto and Quicksilver.and the guy that's duct taped. Also, I love how they had Quicksilver holding the little girl who one could only expect to be Scarlet Witch. And i just remembered that quicksilver is magneto son

I just can't...

Severus Snape Wakes Up

"Severus Snape Wakes Up" I like to think this was Snape's heaven. This is cute even if the graphics are bad. MY HEART

Alfred’s Superpower

Alfred’s Superpower - Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the paper lunch bag has the Robin symbol on it? - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sal

Deadpool is fab.

Another reason why Deadpool is awesome. Deadpool loves duct tape and sings about it. ^duct tape IS pretty cool :) XD

#SherlockLives Limited Tshirt

I always see these quotes about Sherlock wanting to be a pirate and then the fandom draws cute little images of kid!lock dressed as a pirate, but what if Sherlock meant pirate as in modern-day-scary-big-guns-attacking-tankers-and-kidnapping-people pirate?

This needs to happen!

Daniel Radcliffe as Frodo Baggins, Elijah Wood as Harry Potter, Ian McKellen as Dumbledore, and Michael Gambling as Gandalf. :) Please, someone make this happen ASAP!

In my history book it says to write on a separate piece of paper what each person listed was known for and somebody wrote beside Mussolini - likes to kill people, and I just<<--- Pinning because I love Prof. Snape, but that is funny.

Nothing goes over his head; his reflexes are too fast.

I will catch it

"Nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too fast. I will catch it." Drax the Destroyer is my favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy

*wipes tears of happiness from eyes* so beautiful.

Since the Dragon burned down his cotton mill' This is the funniest thing!