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"Garden in the Dark" - Aster Hung {surreal illustration female back birds drawing}

She carried her garden in her bones. Sometimes, she could even swear she felt the blooming of velvet petals and the flutter of wings inside her ribs

tokyo ghoul pairs // sui ishida

and they're both so sugoi (I don't care if that makes me sound dumb)

Saiko Yonebayashi ||| Tokyo Ghoul: Re Art by Ishida Sui

nearnearnear: “Tokyo Ghoul :re volume Saiko illustration card All rights reserved , Ishida Sui ”

Tokyo Ghoul by Ishida Sui

きこえんよ,Will put the name in when i remeber the damm chapter i saw her in.She is an investigator that much ill tell you,

tokyo ghoul pairs // sui ishida

Tokyo Ghoul - Hideyoshi Nagachika x Ken Kaneki - HideKane