Emily. Missouri. i reblog the things that i would wear. Wanna know more about me? just message me :) I'm ALWAYS looking for new blogs to follow.

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Molly; From Connecticut; Lived in London & Singapore. I have the most amazing family and friends. I post whatever catches my eye. I don't take credit for any of these pictures unless tagged me or personal! Contact:

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Rachael, Harrogate Graphic Designer. Trying my hardest to not be a hipster, as it's far too mainstream these days. Twitter Ask Me a Question Reach me at: rachael_woods@hotmail.co.uk

Hopelessly devoted to beauty, fashion, and the pursuit of luxe designer deals. Come in to find makeup swatches, reviews, deals, steals & all around freshness. ✶ ✶ ✫Into: live music, traveling, makeup, summer, puppies, the ocean, stars, sitcoms, art,...

Manhattanite, lover of all things beautiful. It's what I do, what I breathe, what I live. Obsessed with fashion, beauty, photography, magazines, art, design, travel & hockey. Check out my lifestyle blog The Alternative Wife for more.

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