Glitter - I want these so bad! Wittner

There are 8 tips to buy these shoes: glitter boots boots glitter gold sequins ankle boots sparkle booties gold glitter boots sparkles brown booties gold cowgirls boots heels gold.

I love. I love.

I love oxfords! The are my shoe of choice right now! I wear them with dresses and feet love them! My husband refers to them as my bowling shoes, but I don't care!

stud wedges.

studs and wedges. These are the most INCREDIBLE Shoes ive ever seen. Im a wedge ADDICT and then add spikes.

coolest flats everrrr

Take a pair of on SALE shoes ( flats) Buttons from craft store, hot glue gun ( for impatient crafters. ) or Needle/ Thread ( last longer) or super glue. depends on the shoe? would go great with the button covered leggings in a different pin


Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Ballerina Flats- Love the spikes, hate the toe cleavage. What's a girl to do about those shoes?


Wedges and glitter? Is this real life? I love wedges. and I love glitter. did these 2 worlds just collide?

Tongue Pierced

There are 17 tips to buy these shoes: converse converse high tops girly studded white studded gold red low top sneakers studs white converse black all star converse streetstyle fashion outside summer nice chuck taylor all stars studded converses.


canvas shoes I bet I could make these. I got a cheap pair of black canvas shoes not long ago and all I'd have to do is paint the white skeleton toes on :) comfortable shoes


skull heels i love my skulls and heels. i"d rock them

Do you have a pair of sneaker that you don’t want to wear it anymore? You can wear it again with a completely new look by having a diy studded sneakers project at home!

i have pink heels i call my barbie heels.these are ferreal barbie i NEED these!