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Favourite digital experiences shared as part of Lift Off competition for #ChannelLift (Share yours on twitter - just use #ChannelLift)

As part of our internal Lift Off competition we're asking people to share their favourite digital experience whether that's using Pinterest, renewing a tax disc online, mobile banking, social connections...whatever it is we want to know and then we'll pin them here.

Favourite digital experiences shared as part of Lift Off competition for #ChannelLift (Share yours on twitter - just use #ChannelLift)

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#ChannelLift this presentation is so wordy it reminds me of the days when we used acetates #vintagechannelshift

Being able to use Photoshop to take myself from zero to hero in any photo is genius #ChannelLift

Mini cab apps are my new fave thing! have 3 installed on my phone with plans to test and rate !! #Channellift

Facebook makes me feel smug about my ex boyfriends #channellift

Twitter allows me to believe that famous people are my friends #channellift

Testing Google Translate with profanity is a good way to pass the time... #channellift

quadrupled my gig-going by signing up to Songkick #ChannelLift

just put my family's holiday cottage booking diary online after 5 generations on paper #channellift

Fave digital thing is making holiday movies. The kids love playing them back on their iPads - makes us all smile #ChannelLift

using automatic check-outs at supermarket!! despite the risk of catching on fire!

Best digital experience has to be Twitter. Information, learning, entertainment, friendship. World w/o limits. #channellift

Facebook lets me watch my nephew grow up even though he's hundreds of miles away...#virtualauntie #channellift

Twitter means I can access the important stuff; like this: Check out his kids names! #ChannelLift

Giggling at the #Channellift #fail. They've got the word "think" with a QR code on it ... in a lift.

Now the supermarket comes to my door, I reckon my daughter has been to the supermarket less than once a year #ChannelShift #ChannelLift

#FuelLift #channellift #mhplift none of the lifts have managed to harness the true power of Yammer yet #strategy #irony

#multichannelbanking means managing my money without entering a bank saves me time thanks @Channel_Shift #ChannelLift

Lifted.... #ChannelLift made me smile :-)

#ChannelLift Google Hangout with my boyfriend on nights we can't be bothered to see each other (we live three miles apart)

morning @Channel_Shift #channelLift. am loving your change of channel on my desk! ha!

Always useful when you get travel info on twitter #channellift

Best Digital Channel exp. at #SXSW = Nike #FuelBand. Great #gamification mixing physical and digital . #ChannelLift #in

#ChannelLift Fav digital win: Finding out the platform number my train is on BEFORE it's on the display boards (NationalRail)

ugh, in general I find Pinterest truly loathsome, but the #ChannelLift board is actually rather neat

Using the Sky+ app on my iPhone means I can record programmes even when I'm not home #ChannelLift