The Herb Shed: Children's bedroom ideas....:) I love the idea of my three girls having one extra large room to share yet each having their own space. who needs three bedrooms to clean. one large space three beds with storage and three closets with built in dresser space.

Are your girls getting big and need a big girls room? If so, check out this amazing room to give you ideas.

Twin mattresses on one platform with storage drawers beneath & little steps built between the drawers & mattresses - Good idea for 2 children who have to share a small room

Neo-Chic Fall trend demonstrated with cream colours and Neo embellishments in ceiling fixture... pastel and gold tones add a layer of neo - chic adding punch to a neutral palette and solidifying the neo chic fall trend

If I had a crafty husband I would make him make this for our Daughter's room. THEN she could have a dress up dressing room!!!!!

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