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tea and flowers on a table with text that reads summertime rituals with tea an easy recipe for iced tea
Summertime rituals with tea
Love iced tea but don’t have time? Here’s an easy, sugar-free iced tea recipe to beat the summertime heat. #icedtea #emmakathrynharris #emmasgardencorner #summertime #icedtearecipe
some white flowers with the words, why we garden and why we love the work for gardener
Why We Garden
Gardening can be an overwhelming process. We plant seeds, we weed, we rake, we clean, yet we continue to garden year after year. For gardeners, growing is a need, a longing. We garden because we have to. We love the work because we see what will be. #emmasgardencorner #gardening #seeds #perennials #annuals
Are seeds better to plant than seedlings? Plants, Seeds, Spring, Garden, Summer Garden, Seedlings
Seeds or Seedlings?
Spring is the time to begin planting our seeds and seedlings for a colorful summer garden. Which one is better: seeds or seedlings? If you are busy, have limited time and space, and limited funds, these are all factors in your gardening decision. #emmasgardencorner #seeds #seedlings #springplantingseason
a close up view of a white flower with the words grandma's garden corner on it
Daffodils and Hyacinths
Does anything say "spring" lovelier than daffodils and hyacinths? Hyacinths are fragrant and should be planted near the entrance of your home or building to welcome guests. An added bonus: hyacinths stave off squirrels and other rodents! #emmasgardencorner #daffodils ##hyacinthflower
Hummingbirds are a delightful treat to observe and enjoy during the spring and summer seasons. When do they arrive? And how can we feed and care for our hummingbirds?
Feeding our fascinating hummingbirds
Caring for hummingbirds benefits them and us.
a close up view of a flower with water droplets on it
Calendula for full sun
Calendulas are from the marigold or Tagetes family. I had no idea how well they spread and the variety of color I'd see from these lovelies. Easy to grow in full sun! #calendula #emmasgardencorner #tagetes
an image of flowers growing in the garden with text that reads, easy growing wildflowers an eye - catching attraction
Easy-growing wildflowers
Growing wildflowers is an easy way to enjoy color and variety in your garden. It attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies, and creates a natural design that is pleasing to your landscape. A wildflower garden is a sensible option for the busy gardener. #emmasgardencorner #wildflowers #wildflowergarden #pollinatingflowers
a small yellow and black bird perched on a branch
Birds flock to garden
The goldfinches, hummingbirds and other flying beauties are at home in the garden. The goldfinches especially love the sunflowers. This hummingbird is guarding his food supply. #hummingbird #goldfinch #emmasgardencorner
a pink flower with green leaves in the background
Easy growing zinnias
Zinnias are amazing, versatile, easy-to-grow flowers. They grow well in full sun; are created in an array of color, size and shape; and spread throughout the garden if given the chance. #zinnias #emmasgardencorner #busygardener
a pink and white flower with green leaves
Hollyhock gardening beauty
Hollyhocks are a gorgeous addition to the garden. They come in a variety of colors and thrive on sunshine. #emmasgardencorner #hollyhocks
a white flower with green leaves in the background
Growing cosmos
Cosmos are an easy flower to grow. Plant them in containers or directly in the garden, in full sun. They come in a variety of colors and are sure to please for many weeks! #emmasgardencorner #cosmos #containergardening ##gardeningtips
an orange and black butterfly on some pink flowers
Butterfly garden
Butterflies love to visit gardens. This lovely speckled critter adored my Sweet William. #butterfly #butterflygarden #sweetwilliam #emmasgardencorner
blue and pink flowers with green leaves in the background
Container gardening ideas
Need more container gardening ideas? How about these brilliant blue lobelias paired with fuchsia vincas? Both flowers thrive in full sunshine. #emmasgardencorner #lobelia #vinca #containergardening #containergardeningideas
a large yellow sunflower with green leaves
Sunflowers in the garden
Sunflowers are cheerful additions to any garden. And yellow finches seem to love them! #emmasgardencorner #sunflowers #yellowfinches #flowergarden
some pink flowers and green leaves in a pot
Container ideas
Need container ideas for shady spots? Coleus, begonias, and impatiens are shade-loving plants. In this container display I designed, I added a bit of spider plant from my houseplant to give it some pizazz. One spider hanging, green coleus, 4 impatiens and 4 begonias later, this pot is thriving in one of my shadiest of spots. #emmasgardencorner #containergardening #spiderplant #coleus #impatiens #begonias