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For the record, Mulan in the Disney movie's motivation *was* to take her father's place.

Damn the real life Mulan was even more badass <<<< I thought that she was a legend. I knew that the story was different but this is the first time I've heard that she was a real person.

Harry Potter Minimalist Posters

Some cool alternative Harry Potter book cover art! Silhouettes are always a good idea!~~~ also could be tattoo ideas! Pick your favorite book.

hello yes I'd like to purchase one Alexander Hamilton what do you mean you're all out

Where are my modern day Alexander Hamiltons at?<<I would be but I'm too introverted and lazy to do it. I do come up with some pretty good roasts

I love when court cases are called things like person vs. state because either like to imagine a single person fighting a whole state on their own out of sheer rage.


Peridot NEEDS to be added to the opening theme<<< garnet: we pearl: are amethyst: the crystal peri and Steven: gems!

Meanwhile at Hogwarts...

The perks of growing up with effing EMMA WATSON: you still got some cute crush over an unnamed extra. Miss Effing Lucky Extra.

This is awesome XD

This is so fantastic, and yet horrifying. because we all KNOW what someone like Malfoy would do to a poor little Hufflepuff/Gryffindor/Ravenclaw kid forced to live with the Slytherins. <<--- But this headcanon is after HP's generation lol

I ship Neville and Luna ;)

I do ship Nuna. The only problem w/ this post (besides the fact he hasn't met Luna yet) is in the movie it actually was just a multi coloured scarf ( it had green and other colours on it)

Basically what happened

I apologize to everyone whose feed is suddenly filled with Hamilton stuff you don't care about because of me. <-- this person is very kind. I am not that kind of person.