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Tired of feeling stuck in your relationship? - MetroRelationship

Are you setting yourself up for your Best Year Yet? I want to help, this is what we’ll do… First though, I’d like to point something out. I’m sure you’ve noticed that even though we specialize in working with couples, that my writing focuses on bringing out your Best Self to play… I cover this […]

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End-of-year, decluttering and minimalism (Step1) - MetroRelationship

To make the most of the last month of the year - do it intentionally. Wrap up this year wtih decluttering to create space for the new year … Learn more…

Low desire and lack of intimacy epidemic - MetroRelationship

Feeling disconnected from our partner is usually accompanied by low desire and intimacy. Learn more…

3 Tactics to increase connection in your relationship - MetroRelationship

A refresh and reset are great when feeling off and looking to increase connection in your relationship. Learn more…

3 Tactics to increase connection in your relationship - MetroRelationship

A refresh and reset are great when feeling off and looking to increase connection in your relationship. Learn more…

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Home - MetroRelationship

Home - MetroRelationship

Tired of feeling overwhelmed? - MetroRelationship

I wrote in the last issue about feeling like we are embarking in a New Era. Feels more and more like that every day. I’m so excited thinking on the fact that we are starting a whole new decade. We are at the beginning of a new huge chunk of time. It makes me dizzy […]

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Tired of feeling disconnected? - MetroRelationship

As we embark on a new era… I want you to come along… I want your life to continue to become better and better as well. I want us to continue to Design and enjoy our Best Life. I want us to continue to have an amazing Human Experience and for it to get better […]

Tired of the same old issue? - MetroRelationship

We’ve been making our way through the 5 Elements of our Successful Couple Strategy™ to launch us into the New Year ready to create the best version of our relationship yet. We are midway through, at Element3, of better implementing the Successful Couple Strategy™: Element1 – Context & Mindset Element2 – Communication & Alignment Element3 […]

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Tired of fighting without resolution? - MetroRelationship

So many of our “big projects” are coming to gorgeous fruition. Life indeed is Grand! How about you? What accomplishment or deliciousness are you celebrating from this year? Nothing is irrelevant, a given or expectation. Anything beautiful in your life you Allowed and coCreated. Acknowledge it, own it, celebrate it. We create the life we […]

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings - MetroRelationship

With the hustle and bustle of the year end activities and holiday preparations and festivities, it is no wonder that we might feel a little over extended and perhaps have been neglecting our selves and loved ones. With the New Year just around the corner, it is time to shift gears and change our focus. […]

How to waltz into the New Year! - MetroRelationship

Wow, the year is almost over! Here is a recap of the Season’s focus. In case you missed it, you might want to take a look at these to see what still applies and what you need to embrace to gracefully waltz into the New Year! Intentionally Plan Your Holidays And Year-End (setting up your […]

Choose Intentions Over Resolutions… - MetroRelationship

We are what we think. We create what we think. What we resist persists. What we focus on expands. We are super powerful creating creatures… Our mind is a honing device for creating, a GPS for getting places… We create what we think whether intentionally or not. Left to its own untrained devices it creates […]

Give the Gift of Understanding and Compassion... --

Enjoy the true meaning of the Holidays in your Relationship. Give the Gift of Compassion, Understanding and Connection.

Peacefulness, Abundance and Giving - MetroRelationship

I hear how every year appears to go quicker and faster for some as their lives get busier and more complicated in their attempt to keep up with the pace of our ever moving society. This is a challenging pull to evade fraught with consequences for the relationship. We become distracted from our partner, our […]