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Its more than a warniiing ba ba black sheep have you any wool?===========> no sir by the way what the hell are morals? Jack be nimble Jack be quick she's a little whore and her alibis are dirty tricks so could you.

Actual tears fell from my eyes!! Awe! Just imagine McGonagall thinking back to…

Actual tears fell from my eyes! Just imagine McGonagall thinking back to this moment, a few months after his funeral. >>> Who's funeral?


Only one correct answer. Harry Potter cast members choose the one book they'd want to have if they were stranded on a deserted island. The Old Man and the Sea. The Bible. How To Build a Raft.

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I mean he has spells and all which is great but he'd walk straight into a trap or ambush without giving it a second thought << Besides he won't be able to bring anything with him into the arena. so no wand = no spells

This will always be my childhood - Imgur

31 Unbelievable Facts That Make the Harry Potter Movies Even More Magical. I haven't come across an article with new Harry Potter facts in a long time, I'm so proud to call this a pin in my collection.