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Ann Kimura
Ann Kimura
Ann Kimura

Ann Kimura

design creative, new mum, 47th principal, baking enthusiast, fixated on jumpers, admirer of swedish crime novels

miffy lights - please, please, please!

cultural color meaning

Mudpie #SF (Fillmore)

N E S T of San Francisco (Fillmore) #SF

ultimate sticker ordering, digital trims, color process...

Challenge interface (think Yahoo weather graph as competitor stats)

(fr Dribbble) long page, nice separations, potential for #timeline

Tory Burch Spring 2014 Runway Show \\ Nice grid. #timeline

Dribbble - Community_x1.png by Victor Erixon #timeline

Tomasa Field Web Developers Website Homepage | Creative Web Design #timeline

Dribbble - timeline.jpg by pypple #timeline

nice different layout that stresses events and news. maybe one side could be events the other news? #timeline

Infografía sobre 5 descubrimientos importantes de la medicina / Top five medical discoveries #timeline

Veil Mineral Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 - I'm pretty obsessed with this. It may be my lazy way of not wearing makeup, but somehow it helps take some of the ruddiness out of my skin and makes it look more healthy on a mediocre night's sleep

AG Stevie Ankle Jeans - I've gotten a bit particular about Made in the USA items. These jeans are made in the US (in LA—I think all the fabric is cut in Mexico, but at least they are being transparent about it), and they are a wonder. I happened upon these in a couple of different places: Anthro, Calypso, the Saks outlet… It seems that I love to wear ridiculously colored jeans and the rest of the world does not, hence I can even get them on sale (smile).

Hunting and Gathering: It took me three tries to get into this book, but once I'd really started, I had a hard time putting it down. Trying to describe it would be quite a spoiler, but essentially it is about three (sensitive, interesting, lost & found) people in Paris. It's lovely!

Corinne's Thread: City Gym Shorts for All Ages - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

how Uber uses crime (i.e. "activity") to better predict demand: UBERDATA: HOW PROSTITUTION AND ALCOHOL MAKE UBER BETTER