Heart diagram; why can't it be this simple in nursing books?

This link is from The Children's Heart Institute. Coloring Book - How blood flows through the heart

Drink water.

Got Water? Why dehydration is making you fat and sick. As a good rule of thumb you should try to drink oz of water for each pound of body weight. EX weight water needed/day

College dorm

I have put together 18 ideas for your dorm. Who knows, maybe when I head off to college I will use these too. This post is chocked full of great DIY dorm decor ideas perfect for first time and returning students alike.

"Some people say they could never work with sick kids, but for me, it's the opposite...They have this will to survive that is so strong they never give up. You can't ask for anything more than that." Rosemary Livingston, RN, BSN; pediatric nursing

Neonatal and Pediatric Nurses. I truly admire anyone who has the amazing strength, will, and want to work in peds or neonatal. Nicu Nurses are absolutely amazing, as well as anyone who works with babies and children.

Top 5 Dos and Don’t of your #Freshman Fall

Top 5 Dos and Don’t of your Freshman Fall

Top 5 Dos and Don’t of your Fall.this definitely would still help sophomore year