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Weekly Food Budget Plan for Under Seventy-four Dollars (Cooking On A Budget)

Cotton Bedding Clothworks Antique Rose Floral Damask Fabric

Cotton 100% Bedding Clothworks Fabric Elegant Rose Floral Stripe Damask 44"W BTY

When you are actually thinking for exclusive and new project, you can easily go for the damask fabric.

If your dream is to do your wedding on the beach then here are some tips for a beach wedding from AffairNet - http://www.affairnet.com/tips-for-planning-a-beach-wedding/

ahhhh the beach.I am going to have wedding beach pictures even if my wedding is two hours from the beach ;

Ever wondered why would a man leave a woman he loves? Here is a post from AffairNet.com that tries to answer this question...

Why Women Leave Men They Love: What Every Man Needs to Know / this issue is gender-less - it's also what every woman needs to know. Never take your partner for granted - they can leave anytime.

Vintage Rose Digital Download

French Ephemera Printable Image with Vintage Roses for Transfer to Fabric Pillows Paris Shabby Chic Digital Collage