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    Being a Math teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to help strengthen the concepts taught in class.
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    The student will go to this website and play the game about integers. The student will evaluate the website and state whether it was helpful or not. CCSS 7.NS. 1-2: apply and extend previous understandings of operations with fractions to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rationale numbers.

    Illuminations: Search

    misscalcul8: Review Pong

    misscalcul8: Review Pong

    Discover 10 ways to teach math using post it notes

    10 Ways to Teach Math Using Post It Notes

    Complex Numbers Foldable

    Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages Galore

    This is a foldable I created for my Algebra students when they were learning about exponent rules. (I added combining like terms at the bottom too).Print front to back, fold in half and cut across the dotted lines!

    Laws of Exponents Foldable

    area dice game 2

    Maths Archives - Page 7 of 12 - Relief Teaching Ideas


    Maths Archives - Relief Teaching Ideas

    Perimeter and Area Interactive Notebook Pages

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    area/perimeter door

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    3D Shape Nets – Cute Buddies

    Geometry Intro Proofs Extra Practice Worksheet

    Mrs E Teaches Math

    Teach-A-Roo: Cool Folder!

    Cool Folder!

    This pdf contains an alphabet of middle school math words. Each letter of the alphabet is 1/2 page.Simply print, cut in half, mount on colored cardstock and hang in your classroom.

    Middle School Math Alphabet

    If you teach middle or high school math - I highly recommend spending a chunk of time looking through the lessons. They are amazing! All lessons use common core standards with real world problems. Great many movies can you see in one day, justify answer with viable argument.

    Lessons | Robert Kaplinsky - Glenrock Consulting, LLC

    Math = Love! Love her ideas! I wish I could have had her for high school math!!

    Math = Love: Algebra 1 Week 1 INB Pictures

    high school math classroom decorations - Google Search

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    high school math classroom decorating ideas - Google Search

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    Combining Like Terms.. Great practice with Distributive Property

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    Middle School Math Madness!: Beginning Your Interactive Notebook

    Middle School Math Madness!: Beginning Your Interactive Notebook

    quadratics -

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    Math = Love: Trig Interactive Notebook Pages for Unit 1: Algebra and Geometry Review

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    misscalcul8: Algebra 1 Unit 2: Structure of Expressions Interactive Notebook

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    Lego Math! Such a great way to help kids visualize math! by erma

    Lego math worksheets - great idea to do with real legos, too!

    Math Workshop- Good mathematicians ask questions- Excellent for teaching math and helping to check for student understanding.

    Math Workshop Questions Posters