To Kill a Mockingbird - Typewriter Quote Card - Postcard - Underwood Typewriter - 3.5 x 5 white 110# card stock - greeting card - bookmark

I'm thinking an army of drones with syringes, cameras, and instructions to jab anyone who can't answer simple questions about how gravity works. I'll also need computers and software to manage the aiming mechanisms.

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I t's I might have already pinned this but this is totally me!

Ah sweet memories...We've all had the misfortune of having to deal with an adult who never matured beyond high school. Why don't you try behaving like a grown up for once instead of projecting your emotional immaturity and jealousy on other people?

Whenever people say ‘Pretty Please’

hey guys! need some help here! can you please tell me which one do you like better???? pretty pleaseeeeee? though I know “the physical appearance of the please makes no difference." - hey guys! need some help here! can you please...