each year on first day of school take a photo of child holding photo from previous year

Last day of school holding a picture from the first day of school.would be cute to do the first or last day of Senior Year as well.with the kindergarten picture! First day of Kindergarten.First day of High school.First day of Senior year.

Little girls room ideas

Little Girl's room.I've always loved the girl owls! Cute idea for a little girl's room! If you don't wat to paint or adhere stickers to the wall for the name - use smaller wood letters painted a solid color and hang.

Trace your child's hand the first day of school each year.

Back to School with The Kissing Hand {Round-up

An idea from the book 'The Kissing Hand': Trace your child's handprint every first day of school to create a keepsake as they grow and learn! Great book for separation anxiety.

Love this because you can do it any color!

Easy Button Crafts for Kids

Button Flower Mirror Turn a plain wood mirror found at a crafts store into a personalized accessory. Have your child paint the frame (make sure to cover the mirror first). Grace will of course not want a flower but will I think enjoy this craft

American girl doll house, built into a closet!

Closet dollhouse for American Girl doll. I pin this for my friends with girls, that have multiple AG dolls and LARGE bedrooms and closets!

red kids' converse

red kids' converse for Jacob would be sweeeet

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