Make up can be expensive; that's an unfortunate fact. The most premium brands, offering products that promise to work near miracles in return for your hard earned cash, can be eye wateringly expensive - the kind of money you'd usually

This beauty might just have the best skin I've ever had the pleasure of working on.. I've used illuminating Primer, future skin foundation & Illuminator in

One Of Those Lazy Days .. Soft Cut Crease soft brown pomade brow palette glow kit mykonos chickadee Morocco midnight cowboy glitter medium 1 foundation drops brushes 180

I have included the image within my research because i love this eye shot. i love the posing and i also love the eye make up. a subtle glossy eye looks really effective.

I'm Anna Hughes MacIver, Scottish & a Journalism student. 'When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace'-Jimi Hendrix. 'An eye for an eye and soon the whole world...

Women who are conscious about their complexion know that every last pore needs and deserves careful attention. The diligent process of fine tuning your skin begins with routine cleansing, and creating a nightly ritual involving hydrating and rather...

Lip Shine

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