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Love You Forever <3

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Puppy Irish red setter

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Christopher Dangtran

Awwwhh :D

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Rhianna May

But why does J-Hope look like a little boy giving his grandmother a kissie

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Handsome puppy Southeast German Shepherd Rescue's photo. Just goes to prove treasures abound in the shelters!

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Pitties with uncropped ears. Awwww. Hopefully one day, cropping ears and docking tails will be illegal!

biz ace - Pit Bull Pictures

Liam Payne, the only person that can make me laugh just by looking at a picture of him laughing. Love Him :)

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Black cats are my favorite!



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Krisztina Szarka

"Love Is... a day to yourselves.

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Can this please be a thing? I ship Trohley almost as much as I ship Peterick. It's maddening.

andy hurley fanclub president

Love good daddies.

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That alligator didn't know what hit him 'till it was too late.

Pack of Dogs vs Alligator -


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"Newfie cuddle..." I LOVE that the pinner posted this!!

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Cutest kitty !

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"Awwww" moment of the day!

Seriously I love them together so much.

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Delightfully Demonic

✖️ character sketch ✖️

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Luke, the Professor, and Flora do some investigating. I think @Amanda Payne might like this. She's as big a Layton fan as I am. #professorlayton #layton #art

Professor Layton by kGoggles on deviantART

Love #child #family #beauty

T A Y L E R G O L D E N on Instagram: “The sun is shining bright through the windows. We have been blasting music and dancing the afternoon away as we clean. I'm kinda of clean…”

Pinning simply because of the answers (White pencil crayon!) and because it has Supernatural and Sherlock.

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Seriously the cutest thing you will ever see!

Little Ball of Fur