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What we do: Women's Empowerment

What we do: Women's Empowerment

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The Art of Tolerance The events of the past month had me thinking about tolerance and what exactly it means. Between the Civil War in Syria, the protests across the Middle East over a film, the debate over IKEA and Saudi Arabia and my recent trip to Istanbul, I’ve been pondering what tolerance has to do with empowering women and our right to express ourselves.

Continuing our summer series, I reflect on a trip to Valencia, Spain and the opportunities emerging - especially for women - in modern city caught in a struggling economy. #espana #valencia

Read our new post! Today we report on the Ukraine as Mary tells the story of her grandmother coming to America and what Ukrainian women face today. You have heard of the FEMEN protests right?

New DreamChaser post! Ilse Déthune shares her dreams with us in French, English and Dutch! Who wants to be our next DreamChaser?

Laurel Nock reflects on the French elections and Hollande's campaign promises on women's rights. We also share news and opinions from around the world - including Hollande's partner, Valerie Trierweiler's angry tweets on the media's perception of her. What are your thoughts on the future of women's rights in France?

Damned if We Do, Damned if We Don’t The global economy, for the most part, is in a continuously dismal state. Those who are job hunting are faced with greater challenges than ever before. But, do women already have one strike against them when applying? In this post, we debate whether admitting you’re on the family track is an advantage or disadvantage to women.

In the past week, there has been a debate going on over women in the workplace. But I think this debate is missing the biggest and most important point. What about women that have no choice in the matter?

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There is much debate over a woman’s right to choose – referring to her choice over health and body matters – but what about her right to choose her beliefs without judgement?

A new post on EM today: A time for idealism.

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